Asking Professional Painters When Picking Colors to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Mistakes Everyone Makes When Picking Paint Colors

Choose a paint color you’ll want to live with for years, all set! Okay, take a moment to take this difficult design decision more slowly. It’s challenging for us to visualize how the color will seem once it has been applied to an entire wall when we examine a tiny paint chip. And remember to imagine how the color would shift under various lighting conditions. The easiest method to prevent a painter regrets to thoroughly test out paint swatches before purchasing a gallon because the human brain isn’t very good at visualizing how a paint color will look. We consulted professional painters to discover the proper method for choosing paint colors and the pitfalls to avoid. Here are some typical errors individuals make when selecting paint colors, along with suggestions for how to avoid them, in their opinion.

Making the Decision Too Quickly

Take your time choosing between paint swatches, please. Not because you might eventually change your mind (although that’s a possibility), but rather because the color will alter with the light during the day. And on a gloomy day versus a sunny day, it will appear differently.

Not Considering the Furniture & Decor

Only test swatches in a room that is vacant. Maintaining some furniture and d├ęcor in the room while choosing a paint color will ensure that the shade blends with the other colors in the space, even if you recently moved in or want to empty the room before you start painting.

Placing Samples Right Next to Each Other

While you should sample multiple color options, only paint the samples right next to each other on the same wall.

Not Considering the Undertone

When you look at different white paint hues, some seem to have a bit of yellow, while others seem to have a hint of blue. The undertone refers to that faint undertone of color.

Shying Away From Bold Hues

One of the biggest mistakes individuals make when selecting paint is just being reluctant to decorate with color. Be bold and choose paint samples, especially if they are in a more striking shade.

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