4 of the Most Calming Bedroom Color Ideas From a Painting Service Expert

Choosing the Perfect and Calm Colors for Your Room

Color choices are important when decorating a room, and no space is more important than your bedroom. The bedroom should be your sanctuary—it’s the space you wind down in the evening and feel rejuvenated by morning. Whether you’re adding feng shui into your bedroom style or merely deciding on ways to decorate a small bedroom, colors and accents play a large part in your decision. While some color choices are subjective, other colors impact most of us in the same way. Start feeling more zen with 4 of the most calming bedroom color ideas from a painting service expert.

Pale Orange

The color orange is associated with physical energy and emotional strength. For master bedrooms, it’s best to choose a muted orange, like apricot, peach, or light orange-red. Add some branches in a whimsical vase or custom candles as your nightstand centerpiece.

Muted Gray

Gray color combinations play an important role in any calming master bedroom. Gray is emotionless, which ironically helps to balance our feelings. A muted gray accent wall or decor will convey a feeling of ease to any bedroom. White photo frames, green potted plants, or even pastel pillows will balance this color.

Rustic Red

Choosing the proper shade of red in your bedroom can make all the difference in design. An earthy red terracotta can help ground your thoughts and calm your mind. A gentle, earth-honed red can be used to bring a soft, relaxing warmth into the master bedroom of a rustic home. Think wood accents, luxurious fleece blankets, and big furniture when working with reds.


Does the color taupe belong in the bedroom? Absolutely! If you want feng shui in your bedroom, taupe can invoke a feeling of peace and control. Focus on taupe as a wall color and incorporate colorful artwork or lighten things up with some potted plants.

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