More About Our Services

Countless residents and businesses in Clovis, CA have used our services throughout the years and all of them are satisfied with our company. At Quality Painting, we are always prepared to commence new projects and help locals with their painting tasks. Stop wasting time and call us!

Offered Services:

Interior Painting

We can paint or repaint your house or office interior walls and ceiling. We are talented painters and can create diverse patterns and color combinations that will give your property a more stylish ambiance. We use top-notch paints that are safe and retain their colors longer.

Home Interior Painting

Home Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

At Quality Painting, we also specialize in exterior painting. Paint will not only make your property’s facade more appealing but it will also protect it from the natural elements such as rain, sunlight, snow, etc. We have the tools to properly and swiftly handle jobs of any magnitude.

Cabinetry Refinishing

Are your kitchen cabinets faded and worn? We can refresh them by repainting them. A fresh layer of paint will instantly rejuvenate them and alter the overall mood of your kitchen. We can also refinish your cabinetry. Our prices are affordable and budget-friendly.

Drywall Painting

Use our painting services in Clovis, CA to cover your drywall panels with vibrant colors and tones that will give a fresher feeling to your home or place of work. As we mentioned, we can create various patterns and color mixtures, which means that no idea is too elaborate for us!

Pressure Washing

We can help you with the sanitation and maintenance of your outdoor surfaces. We can pressure wash your driveway, sidewalk, fence, patio, exterior walls, roof, etc. Use our options to keep your property pristine from the outside.

Be quick to act and call us at (559) 242-3871 today to schedule an appointment and book the services that you want us to provide you with. We are eager to help you.