How Commercial Painting Contractors Help You Select the Right Finish

Choosing the Right Paint for High-Traffic Areas in Commercial Spaces

The success of any commercial space is largely dependent on its appearance, and choosing the right paint for high-traffic areas can greatly contribute to its overall aesthetic. When making this decision, there are several factors to consider such as durability, ease of maintenance, and visual appeal. Luckily, commercial painting contractors can help you make the best choice for your unique requirements.

Understanding Different Types of Paint Finishes

There are various types of paint finishes available today, each with specific advantages based on their sheen level. Let’s take a closer look at some popular options:

  • Flat Finish: A non-reflective finish with zero gloss that hides minor surface imperfections but can be more susceptible to stains and difficult to clean.
  • Eggshell Finish: With a soft luster that resembles an eggshell, this finish provides a great balance between washability and hiding capabilities.
  • Satin Finish: A slightly higher sheen than eggshell, giving it better cleaning power while maintaining a subtle glow.
  • Semi-Gloss Finish: Resistant to stains and moisture, this finish has a higher gloss level suitable for bathrooms or kitchens where frequent cleaning is required.
  • Gloss Finish: The shiniest option with exceptional durability and the easiest to clean, which is often used in high-traffic areas like hallways or doors.

Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color

Selecting the perfect color can be overwhelming given the myriad of shade options. Here are a few tips to help you find the best match for your commercial space:

  • Consider the type of business, as certain color schemes may be more or less appropriate depending on the industry.
  • Take into account the existing furniture and accents in the space, choosing complementary colors that add visual interest.
  • Factor in lighting conditions in your space—natural light can greatly affect how colors appear throughout the day.

Making wise paint choices for high-traffic areas sets the tone for your entire commercial space in Clovis, CA and is crucial for its success. As commercial painting contractors with vast experience, Quality Painting can help you make well-informed decisions to create an attractive and functional environment. Give us a call today at (559) 242-3871 for inquiries or to schedule a consultation.